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Membership Application - Dallas Builders Association

Download PDF version of the membership application.
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Membership Investment
  • Builder Members: Builder and Remodeler dues are determined by an applicant’s annual sales volume for the preceding 12-month membership year. Please indicate your sales volume in millions, but do not round up. For example if your sales volume was $4.7 million, mark “4” or if your sales volume was less than $1 million, mark “0.”
  • Unless indicated otherwise, all dues levels include $182 to the National Association of Home Builders and $120 to the Texas Association of Builders.
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Architects, Attorneys, Designers, Engineers

Financial Services, Manufacturers, Realtors

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Applicants are encouraged to add employees to have a named membership in the Dallas BA, TAB and NAHB.
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Advocacy - $15 optional:
The Dallas BA’s Keep Housing Affordable Fund is committed to ensuring that our industry is able to provide safe, affordable, and quality housing to our region without unnecessary fees and regulation.
Total: $ 

The contents of this box are for testing purposes. This box will be removed when the form goes live.
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Additional Directory Categories
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NOTE: If selecting to pay by Check, please do not fill out the Credit Card Information section at the bottom of the form. Thanks.
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By submitting this form, I hereby apply for membership in the Dallas Builders Association. I agree to be responsible for all further stated authorized charges incurred until and unless I have submitted a resignation in writing to the Association headquarters, or my membership is otherwise canceled.

Upon termination of my membership, I agree to immediately return to Dallas BA any and all physical property supplied to me in connection with my membership, to cease using the Dallas BA logo, and to pay all Association obligations incurred before termination.

I hereby authorize the Association and its duly authorized representatives to make queries of the below references, as well as any other sources, concerning me or my firm's fitness for membership. I authorize the Association to apply from my dues each year the current cost of an annual subscription to The Home Builder.

Members may pay their annual dues obligation in monthly instalments. Contact the Dallas BA office if you are interested in this option.

Please click submit only one time.  The transaction may take several seconds.

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